‎"You can fool all of the people some of the time, You can fool some of the people all of the time, But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
[Abraham Lincoln, 1864]

Friday, June 17, 2011

Conspiracy Nut

It feels like everything is fake, feels like when I was a kid and I thought the world evolved around me. It was like everyone was playing this big prank on me and someday they will all just lough and yell GOTCHA at me :) So I grew up, knowing that this(life) is the real deal. Everyone have their own story to tell and everyone is the lead actor in their story, they have their own journey's and they determine what they want to do with it. If you want to be successful you can, you are the master of your life and you determine how successful you want to be. There is this recipe for success in which if you follow you will be successful. Go to college and you will earn a respectable job and a respectable income and you will have a respectable family living in a respectable neighborhood and send you children to respectable schools and etc.

Times have changed, I have changed... I have been enlighten or rather "illuminated" with an extraordinary amount of knowledge in which is turning out to be a burden. People say ignorance is bliss tho I would like to believe in that, I know it is not true. There are certain issues in which if you ignore you will suffer the consequences, not today not tomorrow but someday it will all come crushing down and at that time the only thing you will regret is for not knowing, you will regret for being ignorant and you will regret for not taking action and that's the worst kind of regret for not being ready.

Today there is a perfect model or recipe for failure. Go to school and learn what they choose to teach you, get an higher education take a loan for education(the government will help). Your first car and your first home the banks will be there to take care of that. Get married have kids repeat same process with kids and finally be home with the family. When you are at the heart of your home(living room) with your huge TV with 100++ channels watching all the lie's they feed you, thinking how well the system has worked for you thinking how to increase your investment and savings in the banks and thinking of your next vacation... but....

The only problem with that is sooner or later this "system" will crash, this economy will not be able to sustain all the debts it is owing. That's when you will hear on you lovely TV that the economy is going down on a downward spiral, oil prices soar, food prices up, the American dollar crashing followed by the pound sterling, the euro and all other major currencies will follow. They will be riots, the riots in the middle east is just the beginning and it has spread to Africa. People in Spain are rioting for "unemployment" or I would say a defunct economy, people in Greece has started rioting against the "Bankers" or again a defunct economy. Parts of America has already seen riots/demonstrations and also parts of UK. Some say this is the beginning of "world war 3". I am not surprised not after all my research not after knowing World war 2 was a bailout of the great recession back then. So WW3 makes sense, how else will we get out of the great recession that we will face. Then they will be New World Order many countries won't see war but they will be in debt with the "Bankers" so they will also fall in line. Countries that stand up against them will be labelled as terrorist countries and will be invaded.

I now believe that the world does evolve around me, I am a pawn in a game between the rich and the powerful. From the moment I was born until today I have been in their game to achieved their own agenda's in controlling the world but it is also you who is a pawn in their game, we are all in the game and we did not even know it. I know I sound like a "conspiracy nut" but it is time for you to think for yourself, all the proof is here in my blog( I dare you to study it) and everywhere on the net if only you look for it, because what you know is a conspiracy and what I am talking about is the truth....

enjoy this video ;)

I am as pissed off as the "nut"

The revolution has begun whether you like it or not, many people have realized and many has caught their lies. It is time for you to wake up and join the resistance.


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