‎"You can fool all of the people some of the time, You can fool some of the people all of the time, But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
[Abraham Lincoln, 1864]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th year Anniversary of 9/11 - My 9/11 Story

9/11 has effected millions of lives worldwide but this is my 9/11 story. looking back to 2001 where I saw the WTC in flames then suddenly the second tower was struck by a plane, I really thought I was watching a movie or something. At that time I could not have imagined that it could be real but it was minutes before I realize that the World Trade Center has been attacked and it is very real.

Everyone around me panicked, most in denial, can't really believe what they were watching. We were watching a live terror attack live on TV. Who could have believed that such a thing could happen back in 2001. (today we know anything is possible) That was not is, then we found out that the Pentagon has been attacked to, during that time I thought they were gonna be War! The US Defense HQ, The Pentagon was just attacked, how could that be? The world knows US is a super power(probably a super dooper power), at that time I really thought there was an enemy out there, using cowardly but very drastic measures to attack US. I thought to myself, there will be war and this is the beginning of the attacks. I thought so, having attacks such a scale, I thought whoever did it was just getting started and there will be more to come (at least in the coming years)

Who is the one brave enough to attack America and manage to penetrate to their defense system? and manage to get away with it? I was really really I mean really surprised that a Jihadist group of Arabians out of Afganistan or Iraq was responsible for this. A terrorist group in the dessert somewhere living in caves known as Al-Qaeda was responsible. At least this was what US president at that time George W. Bush said. I was naive back then. I took his words as the truth. I did not know the TV or the Government or the President could lie to us. We believe in our news, we trust that our newsmen will always bring us the right news, the truth in any circumstances, how naive could I have been? It is really sad that our news, TV is being used as a tool, it is a tool to manipulate, a tool to deceive. Something I used to take every word as the truth, something so pure... now is evil.

Yes I know what Im saying, I may sound like a nut, but TV/news is only a tool used by people with power and money to retain their wealth and power. This is bloody corrupted, I used to think (10 years ago) that the western media practice free media, not corrupted and legitimate news. How disappointing it was to know that the western media is corrupted to the core. The word corrupted does not serve them right, they have been deceiving generations and have been used to manipulate people. It is very true that the rich and the powerful run this world. Somehow money blinds people and they are willing to step on others or kill others in this case to achieve their objective [Any means necessary] this is the reality of the cruel world we live in. Lets get back to the story...

I think it was in 2002 when LOOSE CHANGE come out, I watched loose change on YouTube and I was blown away.. first I was very sceptical it was really hard to digest all that information, it was hard to tell myself that I was wrong, it was hard to believe that the media and the Government of United States lied to the world (not just Americans). But LOOSE CHANGE was hard to ignore, it had proof after proofs it was a very detailed investigation, even if Loose Change is not 100% correct is does not matter.. if Loose Change was only 10% right We are all in big trouble. Coz Loose Change simply suggest that what we have been told about the 9/11 attacks is simply not true, there is more that we have not been told about and it was too sophisticated of a plan and it needed months of planning and preparation. It also suggests that the WTC twin towers should not have collapsed in that fashion if it was only hit by planes. There is many many more claims of Loose Change, but the above two was enough to have gotten me researching further...

Right after watching Loose Change I was quite excited, I could not wait to tell all my friends about it.. as I thought eveyone should know... Until I told Nick, he was quite unhappy that I said 9/11 could have been an inside job 9/11, he said “ Feru is the type of person, who sees 1 video and beliefs everything in it”. Nick I’ll tell you what type of personI am.. I am a person who used my logic, I am able to differenciate with my own logic what could be the truth and what is fake. I have been researching for the past 10 years and now I have put all the pieces here in my blog and this is my gift to you Nick and all you non believers.

What astonish me the most is Building 7 or WTC 7, this building collapsed too, where I live there was not a single mention on Building 7. How could that be? It was not reported as if it did not happen.. Building 7 collapsed later that evening of September 11th 2001.. Supposedly the collapse of Bulding 7 was caused by fire spreading from the twin towers, the fire got in Building 7 and burned the office furniture and not long after that it collapsed. This is the first time in my life I’m hearing a whole buiding collapse from the effects of fire, it was not like the whole building was intensely burning for hours! Oh yah I forgot to mention that in the reports it is said that the sprinklers system failed and that caused the fire to spread even worst! Bullshit! some reported saying the fire was almost out when the building came down.

I have seen burned buildings and it did not look like the Twin Towers not Building 7, who are they trying to fool? Bricks and steel do not crumble it that fashion because of fire. It crumble it that fashion because of detonators or bombs. Anyone who have seen a building brought down by demolition experts knows that the twin towers and building 7 was done by demolition experts. It fell in about 10 seconds that’s a free fall rate.. those who don’t understand whats a free fall it’s like bungee jumping or just something falling without and resistance whatsoever. So saying that it is impossible for a building to collapse in that fashion if it not done by demolition experts. Don’t take my word for it, check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

I’m not even gonna start about the nano termites that was found, not to forget evidence of molten steel found on site and also reports from people who was there who swore they heard a loud blast like a bomb that was heard coming from the bottom of WTC. There is so much more evidence, I haven’t even start on the Pentagon... The World most secured military base in the world was attack so easily by commercial airplane.. btw the wreckage of the plane was nowhere to be found. Even with all this evidence the US authorities jump to conclusion when they found the terorrist passport that flew out of the WTC wreckage and fell on the laps of George W. Bush! Tho that sound really.. really stupid but this is what the majority beliefs and when you mention something against that belief you are labelled as a conspiracy theorist. I’ll tell you something what you know is a conspiracy, what I am saying is the truth!




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