‎"You can fool all of the people some of the time, You can fool some of the people all of the time, But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
[Abraham Lincoln, 1864]

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Truth about HealthCare

Source: http://www.theunsignedguide.com
The Truth about the state of our HEALTHCARE today is terrifying. The basic "common sense" or understanding we have about healthcare is that it is about medicine or medical or it's suppose to make us healthier and stronger people (health wise) at least.. or it's suppose to make us live longer and less sicker or generally more productive, more active humans. Could we all agree with that statement? I am trying to give "healthcare" a very general meaning. It's two words health and care.. so who's health and who's care? Our's obviously.. us humans all of us mankind the human race.. capiche??

So when a country sets a budget on healthcare what do they expect in returns? All investments has returns.. So in the "healthcare business" the returns is to have healthy citizens. Healthy not fat, not thin, not obese basically healthy people or more productive citizens.. Good health with a good body, great looking hair, great abs maybe, toned.. and many more attributes that I could add on.. but mainly just healthy or less sick. So you get the point that when a country set a healthcare budget they are aiming to get healthy people as citizens. So that the country would be more productive. So when people get sick the Doctors run in and there is an instant cure and that person could be up and running again. That's the reason why we have Doctors.. Good Doctors, Great Doctors, Doctors today are more educated or more knowledgeable that the Doctors 20 years ago. The same reason why we invest so much in pharmaceuticals so that a cure is always available.. at least we have more cure today that we did not have 20 years ago.. hmmmm...

But we also do have more diseases today.. more fat people, obesity in children.. Hospitals today need special beds to cater obese patients... You bloody lazy fat guy go for a jog or stop eating all that junk..Tho it's easy to blame it entirely on the fat guy but that's not entirely the case.. Obesity it's at a all time high.. It was not the same 30 years ago.. why not? weren't people not as responsible back then.. weren't they less educated.. even HEALTHCARE was not as great back then....Tho obesity would be blamed more on food not Healthcare.. Just that it seems that at this generation we should be having more healthier citizens not the other way around.

We also have more EMO people today.. more depressed people.. depressed teens, depressed children?.. depression is at a all time high.. suicidal rates is at a all time high.. suicide attempts is at a all time high... why aren't people saner today? It is 2012  where healthcare "should" be at a all time high.. Kids shootings in schools, random shooting and killings... rape, theft, torture, cannibalism.. the list can go on but basically I'm talking about mental illness.. aren't all those prescribed mental pills suppose to cure this? or at least reduce mental illness? Doctors today especially in the United States prescribe anti depressions to almost anyone that walks in the clinic.. or at least to anyone that could claim at type of depression.. you could be prescribed anti depression if you are going through a break up.. huh? WTF! Kids are prescribed anti depressions for losing a friend.. it was also in one of the anti depression pills TV add.. so okay maybe they are all mentally depressed.. but why were people 30 years ago not as depressed? They seemed fine.. the generation before us are ageing well without the type of mental depression our generation has. This anti depression pills has to stop! If a kid has a problem he or she have to learn how to face it.. face your problems that's how we humans learn and develop.. there are no short cuts.. u take a happy pill now keeps you happy but only for a"short time" over time it will take a toll on your health or more accurate your mental health, you will end up more depress eventually. If you are on the pills you have to STOP at least reduce and have plans to remove it completely from your life..

Some asks how many death would it take till the FDA will come to realization that this drugs are more harmful than it actually cures.. I say the FDA are the responsible of this deaths, for approving this "happy pills" and for drugging our children.

Check out the Documentary "The Drugging of our children" on my page Truth about Healthcare.


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