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[Abraham Lincoln, 1864]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Libyan Uprising.. What's it all about?

If you still do not know what in the world is happening in Libya? If you consider the uprising in Libya is the effect of the Arab uprising.. Then you are wrong... is Col Gaddafi a real bad ass dictator? is NATO really helping the Libyans? They are a few different stories out there in regards to the Libyan uprising...

Firstly we thought it was to protect Libyan citizens from Col "Tyrant" Gaddafi's evil grasp...

Then I heard they were Libyans who were fighting for Gaddafi, I've heard phrases like "Good or Bad Gaddafi, it's better than foreign intervention".
Ok then we heard stories that it is all about the oil? Oil in Libya that the "west" was after... Just like they did in Iraq... but... have you heard the story that it is about Gold aka the Arabian Dinar currency?

Supposedly Col Muammar Al-Qaddafi was in the verge of coming up with the gold dinar, a new currency that will be backed by the Arab world and also supported by Africa... He was going to force the West to pay them using "real money"(the gold dinar) as suppose to the US Dollar when buying oil/petroleum from the Arab world. I guess this is where NATO comes in.. going after Gaddafi and making sure his dream of the "Arab Gold Dinar" does not materialize. Why not pay using Gold? the west has more Gold anyways... the answer? Gold can't be printed as and when needed by them... they can't create a "fake" economic boom with the expansion of credit... In fact the rest of the world have to sell their Gold to US Federal reserve and receive worthless US Dollar in return? If you are confused you must first understand the "Truth about Money" <---

Here is a news report on RT explaining this:

P.S: If you think you know better on what's happening in Libya.. do share your thoughts on it, you could drop a comment or drop me a message on facebook, Thanks!


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