‎"You can fool all of the people some of the time, You can fool some of the people all of the time, But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
[Abraham Lincoln, 1864]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots

London Riots is unexpected?!? at least to those who have not been following world news closely and also "London Police" they did not expect this. I’ll say I expected it tho, why wouldn't you? After all there was protest all over Europe, with the economic turmoil now, EU’s debt crisis, London sock exchange plumbing to a record low in history!, why will any of this cause anyone to suspect a riot is emerging. The London police didn't need to worry, Londoners are all well behaved and they will never act in such manner...

They will only hold peaceful protest/demonstrations...right? Wait I forgot about to lower class of Londoners.. sigh, those people living on social welfare, those thugs or "feral people" as some have suggested. These thugs and the young thugs/kids with animal like behavior have caused mayhem... at least the blame is on them for causing London Riots!

I find it hard to solely put the blame on this thugs, tho it is easy to blame thugs as they are violent in nature, but thugs out at this huge numbers? stealing and looting in several different locations? Is Britain the land of thugs? If so why haven't I heard of them rioting before, if they are animal like they should have done this consistently, monthly or a yearly event at least!

Weirdly tho it happened in 2011, after the students in Britain demonstrated, after all over Europe have seen protest, the middle east going through protest after protest, after being in a economic decline/bust, after EU huge debt crisis that they might be able not recover from, after having one of the highest unemployment rate in UK, right after the London Stock Exchange suffered the biggest lost in history!

Could we put aside all those facts and dismiss London Riots as a riots of the Thugs? Yes I do see thugs Looting they don't look like honest living Brits to me. This people have been living off taxpayers money, they have been enjoying themselves being thugs while getting social benefits, they booze all day and rob honest living people, they don't care about finding jobs as the tax payers money will always be there for them. So what happens if you take their benefits away? Will they be able so survive? what skills do they have? Could they feed themselves? Could they earn an honest living?

I don't think it's that simple, my father always said hardship is good for you, tho I always asked why can't I have all the luxuries rich kids have? I would like not to be working and spending all my money away without a worry in the world. The question still remains what happens if the money disappears? Could I the spoiled brat be able to survive? The answer is NO, as London Riots prove, the moment they started cutting off social benefits.. that's where it all started. So how will they act after being economically cut? no more booze? no more parties? girls? boys? how will they cope up with their lifestyles? could there get a job a normal and honest job? Who would employ them? Now they have to work for hours to get the cash they use to enjoy doing absolutely nothing for. Do I blame the kid who could not pick up the pieces to move on with life or the father who did not give the son the tools of survival? Did the UK government spoiled these people? or did they provide them with living skills? Tho I understand everyone has to be responsible for himself, but could every child be responsible for themselves? These people have been spoiled since they were kids, their parents probably was on social benefits and probably did not lead a good example. Why would they? they get everything out of thin air anyways, tho I could put all the blame on them for not being responsible enough, I will put the biggest blame on those people who have led them to that state, by that I mean the parents(government) who have spoiled their kids.

That’s not all there are even reports on Alex Jones site that some of this thugs were offered money to start riots, they were tweeting about it. Supposedly some reporters/journalist offered them money to start some type of violence. Now I am thinking did the shooting of Mark Duggan really was the trigger of the riots? Did he really start it? Firstly he was no Godfather like and people across UK did not know him, so who would risk life for a street thug?.. some other street thugs probably who was paid to do so.

Okay maybe my take on the thugs being paid to start riots ain't legitimate enough or unproven. Here is another thought why did it take London police forever to control the situation in London? If I am not mistaken PM David Cameron only ordered no tolerance to the rioters after the 3rd day. Why did they allow it to go down for 3 days? The police were there of cause but without proper equipment's, they were running around chasing rioters with their batons. There were no water cannons being used, no smoke bombs even riot police were not available until the 3rd day. I believe the Police were ordered to stand down as many of the nation leaders were on holidays and not able to be back on time to react to the situation. HAHAHA this is totally laughable to me, I know many countries that would start firing water cannons to peaceful demonstrators even throw smoke bombs on the very first day of demonstrations. It happened all across Europe and the police used force, in the middle east the army came in.. even in countries like Malaysia the police were not forgiving to the demonstrators btw this were not rioters.. they did not go around burning cars and their own buildings, they did not steal and loot form their own countryman, they held it peacefully at least initially.

So was UK police unequipped? I find it hard to belive one of the world leading countries were unequipped and were not prepared for such events. I feel that that UK government puprosely let the riots get out of control. They wanted some damage to show to the Brits... the damge had to be significant enough that the people of Britain will be shaken or live in a terified state. This is called scare tactics. It happen with 9/11 it happened during Hitler’s time, it happens all the time... you create enough fear in people’s heart and they will listen to the government, the people will beg for the government to intervene and help save them from this terifying thugs or terrorist or wtv else.. So my prediction this were all plots carefully planned to introduce new laws.. David Cameron have spoken about it, I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.. when I saw London Riots unveiling I knew this would be the outcome. What laws? Surely the laws on social media, the laws on the internet usage, the laws on Blackberry usage, the laws on being able to tweet what you want to say, the laws on sharing information freely, laws on blogging(sigh). Sadly tho this laws will be demanded by the citizens of United Kingdom.



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